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Deep Sea Fishing 101

| Marine Blog | March 6, 2012

deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing can be recreational or commercial. The fish get lofty  prices at market that make them very desirable to catch. Deep sea fishing is tough and strenuous. It requires a fairly large boat and a good working knowledge of the waters to be fished.  The equipment used is heavy and more complex than that of in-shore gear, and is usually just amped up a notch in terms of durability and strength.

3 Basic Types of Deep Sea Fishing

  1. Anchoring and chumming is a type of deep sea fishing that relies heavily on the use of a chum bucket. The bait, or chum, is often made up of crushed crabs or netted fish. The fisher anchors in one spot, releases the chum into the current, and lets the chum naturally filter into the water using the current as the driving force behind its dispersal.
  2. Bottom trolling uses a cannon ball as its tactic. The cannon ball is drug around the bottom where it stirs up mud and causes noise. This stirs up the fish, provoking them to bite the bait.
  3. Trawling is used to catch many fish at once. It involves a net with weights and wheels attached to it. This net rolls along the bottom and scoops up fish. In some areas, this is controversial because of how it digs up all kinds of sea life, not just what the fisher aims for.

Deep sea fishing takes skill and some preparation. Fishing at the bottom comes with its own problems. Fishers do not want to keep pulling up their line to check bait or move to a different location. Planning the type of deep sea fishing is also important, so you are prepared with the correct equipment. A little planning and patience will make for a good deep sea fishing experience. It might be a good idea to hire a skipper to take you out the first time, as they will know where to find fish and will be able to help clean the catch!

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