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The BuyMarine.com Advantage

| Marine Blog | September 19, 2011

These Are Some Excellent Reasons to Use BuyMarine.com Online Classified Ads as a Resource to Buy, Sell, or Trade Your Marine Items

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BuyMarine Injects Some Humor into The Art of Fishing

| Marine Blog | September 8, 2011


At Buymarine we know that fishing is not much fun unless you’re catching something besides a cold.

Here are some quips and quotations to keep your line from becoming frayed.


There are two types of fishermen - those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish.  ~Author Unknown

Fishing is the sport of drowning worms.  ~Author Unknown

This planet is covered with sordid men who demand that he who spends time fishing shall show returns in fish.  ~Leonidas Hubbard, Jr.

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.  ~Author Unknown

May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it.  ~Irish Blessing

I fish better with a lit cigar; some people fish better with talent.  ~Nick Lyons, Bright Rivers, 1977

All the romance of trout fishing exists in the mind of the angler and is in no way shared by the fish.  ~Harold F. Blaisdell, The Philosophical Fisherman, 1969

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind.  ~Washington Irving


We know there tons of fish stories out there. If at once, you get so frustrated because you got skunked and you’re kicking and screaming, don’t say “I’m getting rid of all my stuff!”, because BuyMarine stands ready to liquidate your entire fishing history including the fables — and that’s no fish story.

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Cummins Marine Diesel: Among Cleanest Burning in World

| Marine Blog | August 29, 2011


COLUMBUS, IN – Cummins (NYSE: CMI) announced that the company exceeded its 25 percent greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction commitment upon completion of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Leaders Program.

Companies in the Climate Leaders Program complete a corporate-wide inventory of their GHG emissions based on a quality management system, set aggressive GHG emissions reduction goals, and report their progress annually to the EPA.
Cummins joined the program in 2006 and set the goal of a 25 percent reduction of GHG emissions per dollar revenue from 2005 to 2010. As of year-end 2010, the Company achieved a 28 percent reduction in GHG emissions.

“Cummins strongly believes in the business case for climate change actions,” said Dr. John Wall, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer. “It is good business, good for our business, and it is the right thing to do. Meeting our goal not only has been good for the environment, it saves Cummins more than $20 million dollars annually.”

“We have created a culture and structure for energy efficiency that is now part of how we do business,” said Ignacio Garcia, Vice President and Chief Manufacturing Officer. “Our global energy efficiency team has implemented nearly 300 energy efficiency capital projects across seven specific energy themes, with an average return on investment of 50 percent. In addition to implementing capital projects, we have trained a broad network of Energy Champions who coach and mentor site Energy Leaders to find and implement low and no-cost energy projects that also save money for their sites.”

The company’s wide-ranging energy savings actions have included projects such as high-efficiency lighting upgrades, power management systems, energy efficient motors, pumps and fans, compressed air optimization, heating and cooling equipment upgrades, and energy recovery from engine test cells. Energy efficiency is also incorporated in Cummins’ global environmental management system, implemented at 69 sites around the world and the key mechanism for driving environmental improvements at Cummins facilities.  We are proud to have a brand like Cummins in our rotation of products. And keep in mind, if you want to buy, sell, or trade marine products BuyMarine.com is a great classified advertising resource that will save you money and create mass exposure for your items.

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Stay Abreast of Navigation: NOAA | BuyMarine.com

| Marine Blog | August 25, 2011


Spring is around the corner and nearly 13 million registered boaters in the U.S. are priming to hit the water. As part of their preparations, boaters need to make sure that they have the latest NOAA nautical charts on hand to avoid groundings or accidents while navigating along the coast. With modern technological advancements, obtaining the latest chart is simplified.

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The Marine Online Classifieds Advantage | BuyMarine.com

| Marine Blog | August 22, 2011


In today’s modern and sophisticated world, online classifieds have become a medium of communication among Internet users. It is informative, convenient, and cost-effective — for both sellers and buyers. The online classified marine related website BuyMarine.com will be achieving success because of its affordability and accessibility.

This form of advertising is outstanding because you can basically sell items and shop from home! The responses and interactivity of online classifieds is of far greater value compared to print media. A seller can communicate directly with a buyer in a way that was never possible before through traditional channels. The online classifieds industry is booming and will be sure to occupy one of the top positions among all the categories of websites on the Internet.

So if you’re thinking of placing an ad for a marine item like a used boat, a dive tank, or any other gear associated with water- based recreation or work, consider BuyMarine.com! For a very small fee, you have the power to buy and sell with the power of the Internet behind you. You will get more responses for less money than ever before!

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This is BuyMarine.com | Marine-Related Classified Ads

| Marine Blog | August 4, 2011


BuyMarine.com, a marine-related online classified ads site, provides a user-friendly website designed around an ever-expanding family of marine enthusiasts representing business owners and individuals looking to buy, sell, or dream about that next marine purchase.

BuyMarine.com is owned and operated by a combination of third-generation marine industry business owners and live-aboard-on-the-blue-water sailors.  For three generations, we have listened to the voice of our customers and the frustrations of buying, selling, and locating marine products.  By listening to our customers and taking advantage of today’s technology, BuyMarine.com was created for you. We own over 500 websites and growing, directing thousands of buyers to your listings daily.

So no matter how small or how large your next marine purchase may be, our goal at BuyMarine.com is to make that purchase or sale an efficient, user- and time-friendly way to get it done.

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Top 10 Reasons for Boating

| Marine Blog | August 1, 2011

At BuyMarine.com we understand that there are so many opportunities for boating fun available today that there’s not a reason why anyone can’t take advantage of the benefits that recreational boating has to offer.

1. Boating Improves Quality of Life
Recreational boating goes a long ways towards improving your quality of life. The minute you start to move forward on a boat, you’ll notice how easy it is to leave your troubles behind.  Boating is a great outlet and a form of entertainment that reduces stress and provides enriching opportunities for self-discovery, whether it’s through learning how to water ski or simply enjoying the warm glow of sunset.

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The Quick Rundown: BuyMarine.com For Marine-Related Classifieds

| Marine Blog | July 25, 2011


Marine-related web based classifieds advertising is one of the most efficient mediums for marketing products and services.

1. Extend your reach: Globally, visually

Traditional advertising methods may be useful only within certain geographical areas, but this type of advertising extends to countries all over the world. Advertising via the Internet is also a good way of presenting the product graphically or visually — it ads another layer of interest.

2. Flexible costs

Web advertising is a very affordable option for small scale companies to advertise their services and products. This method gives more information about the products at one glance. At Buy Marine, we offer ultra competitive rates for classifieds that broadcast on the internet 24/7. If you have a marine-related product like a used boat that you want buy or sell we are the ultimate solution and our services come at an inexpensive price.

Think BuyMarine.com for your marine-related classifieds.

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