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Sporty Girl Apparel and BuyMarine Join Forces for Ad Placement and Swift Sales

| Marine Blog | September 13, 2011


BuyMarine.com is an easy to use and successful way to get your company recognized. They will spend time and work with you first hand to help ensure that you will be satisfied and get the results you want.  My company, Sporty Girl Apparel, is now at the top of Google because of the BuyMarine site. They even show you how many people look at your ad a day so the proof that BuyMarine.com works is unmistakable. The site is inexpensive and effective.  I am so happy I am using BuyMarine to advertise and sell my products and I am finally getting the sales that I never got with other online advertising sites.     –Kristy Grant

Kristy Grant, creator and designer of Sporty Girl Apparel, grew up in the sport fishing industry. Her father, world-renowned sport fishing legend, Captain Bobby Grant, has influenced her lifelong passion not only with fishing but also in hunting. She grew up fishing and being around those who love to fish and decided that she wanted to wear something that stood out from the rest. She started hand-painting her own beach dresses with fishing scenes and then eventually decided that this was something no other ladies fishing company had to offer, so she created Sporty Girl Fishing Apparel, a women’s stylish line of sport fishing clothing, to share with all the other ladies that enjoy fishing, spear fishing, the ocean or beach.

We at BuyMarine.com thank Kristy and commend her for her entrepreneurial spirit. We are happy to help. We are an online classified ads site that helps owners and potential buyers buy and sell marine-related items. From boats to bathing suits and anything in between. Visit our website for more information at BuyMarine.com.  Thank you.

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Top Ten Boat Names of 2011 | BuyMarine.com

| Marine Blog | September 1, 2011


Naming your boat (whether it’s a new yacht or a used boat) can make you feel like a real captain! Many people name it after family members or even after the profession or investment that helped them purchase the boat in the first place. To get your wheels turning, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular boat names of 2011.

Remember, though, that boat lore dictates if you rename an already-named boat, you need to christen it and sprinkle some champagne to the wind over the bow of the ship! (More on a complete renaming ceremony in a later post.)

So, without adieu, here are the top ten boat names of 2011!

  1. Serenity
  2. Happy Ours
  3. Feelin’ Nauti
  4. Family Time
  5. Liberty
  6. Black Pearl
  7. Andiamo
  8. Knot On Call
  9. High Maintenance
  10. Just Chillin

Happy Ours, Feelin’ Nauti, and Serenity are repeats from recent years.

Hope that gets your gears turning and gives you some fresh ideas! Or, perhaps, does it whet your appetite for a new or used boat?

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The Marine Online Classifieds Advantage | BuyMarine.com

| Marine Blog | August 22, 2011


In today’s modern and sophisticated world, online classifieds have become a medium of communication among Internet users. It is informative, convenient, and cost-effective — for both sellers and buyers. The online classified marine related website BuyMarine.com will be achieving success because of its affordability and accessibility.

This form of advertising is outstanding because you can basically sell items and shop from home! The responses and interactivity of online classifieds is of far greater value compared to print media. A seller can communicate directly with a buyer in a way that was never possible before through traditional channels. The online classifieds industry is booming and will be sure to occupy one of the top positions among all the categories of websites on the Internet.

So if you’re thinking of placing an ad for a marine item like a used boat, a dive tank, or any other gear associated with water- based recreation or work, consider BuyMarine.com! For a very small fee, you have the power to buy and sell with the power of the Internet behind you. You will get more responses for less money than ever before!

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Coolest Boats in The World That Nobody Can Afford

| Marine Blog | July 28, 2011









If you have an extra $95 million — because, don’t we all? —  this is what you could spend it on. As you can see, the Oculus is shaped like the jaw and eye socket bone structure of a large fish. It sounds weird, but the final result is a menacing, yet elegant, mega-yacht. The 250-foot vessel can comfortably fit up to 12 guests and features a 12-foot ceiling in the main area, an elevator tube, a central staircase, and a cylindrical, double-height dining room. If you don’t have 95 million, visit BuyMarine.com and we can find you something a little more realistic.












If Darth Vader was a pirate, he’d drive the Wallypower 118. Encased in distinctive black glass, this 118-foot, 17,000 horsepower super-yacht weighs 95 tons yet can do speeds of 70 mph. As of May 2011, it’s being sold for almost $18 million dollars, which includes a bonus Yamaha FX cruising water bike. Wow, that was nice of them! Not all of us can afford things like this, but hey, it’s fun to look. In the meantime, BuyMarine.com is your outstanding marine-related classified ad clearinghouse for all maritime items.

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BuyMarine.com Website Tour

| Marine Blog | July 18, 2011

If you’d like a little tour of the BuyMarine.com site, we’ve got a little vid up on YouTube for you to peruse! Happy sailing/fishing/boating/swimming/hobbying/building/fixing/buying/selling!

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Boat Modding | Small Boat Modifications

| Marine Blog | July 14, 2011

Small Boat Modifications
I like to employ some low cost neat little tricks to make either of my two bass fishing vessels more efficient fishing machines. You would be suprised how a little ingenuity goes a long way. Please understand that I live on Long Island and although we have somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, we are limited to electric motors only in all except one. This hardly makes the pleasure of owning a gas outboard worth it unless one wants to frequently travel upstate to fish. My Bass Fishing Platforms 

Float Cat 65
As I stated, I own two different types of watercraft that I use for bass fishing. The first is a Hobie Float Cat. This is a type of catamaran that features plastic preformed non inflatable hulls and an aluminum frame that keeps me above and out of the water. I have a small deck on the back of it that I use for storing a battery, small cooler and even smaller duffle bag that I keep stocked with Snoozers baits, Yamamotos, and Northern Handpoured creations. The deck has an aluminun block welded dead center on the outside pipe that serves as a rock solid motor mount. I run a 36lb. Motorguide Stealth trolling motor on the back end. The whole set up wieghs about 33lbs. and no doubt is the fastest watercraft out on the lake on any given day. Seriously, I think that if I upped the power to 65 or 70lb. thrust, I could ski off of it. The top sides of the pontoons have rectangle sunken in areas for tackle storage. I fit a Plano 760 or 660 in there with ease. I normally travel light, but anyone who wants to bring larger boxes would have little problem. I do not use a finder or graph on the Float Cat, although it would be simple to set up. I would recommend one of those Fishin’ Buddy one piece LCD’s that you see people clamping on to a dock or john boat.

The Float Cat came to me totally fishable. I though of a few simple low cost mods that could make it even better. I noticed right off that it had pre-drilled holes on the immediate front and rear tips of each pontoon. I stretched a bungee cord from front tip to front tip. This allows me to stand up out of the boat in shallow water without having the boat drift away. I fish in current often with this little boat and that is a great way to prevent the boat from getting away from me…total cost about 90 cents. Next, I added a fixed rudder to the bottom of each pontoon. I fashioned them out of hard plastic and mounted them with super deadly grip epoxy. The rudders extend about two inches deep by two inches long past the tip of the pontoon. They don’t hang up and allow me to turn the boat on a dime. I feel the also help me travel against the current easier than if I ran the boat without them. Total cost about five bucks. I added a bungee cord to the front of each pontoon and they serve as rod holders during travel and while fishing. These wrap totally around the pontoon. I normally run 4 rods and they store neatly out of the way on the opposite side of the boat than I am fishing. Again, total cost about two bucks.

I experimented with several types of anchors. I used a 5lb. mushroom, 3lb. metal dragger, and even a windshield wiper fluid bottle full of sand. They all sucked!!! Either they didn’t hold or were too bulky. That is when I got an idea. I realized I needed a flat, easily stowable device. I chose a rubber coated 5lb. weight plate from my workout bench. I rigged nylon-coated anchor rope through the middle. The anchor holds well and never gets in the way. I sometimes forget it is even in the boat and have to avoid getting smacked in the head with it as I take the boat of the roof of my car. Although I haven’t done anything tremendous, I have successfully increased the performance of the Float Cat. It runs like a bass catching battleship and gets me into places other guys can’t reach. I store the boat suspended to the ceiling in my garage with a clever little rope and pulley system. Total cost of Float Cat Mods….about $20.00

Tracker 10.2 Bantam
My “big” boat is a Bass Pro Shops Bantam that I picked up at a good discount last summer. I used to own a 12 footer that I totally rigged out as a bass boat, so I thought this would be a natural. The Bantam is the type of boat you can stick in the back of a pick up. It has two flat bottomed pontoons to keep it stable and an actual deck that allows the angler to stand. I didn’t even have to build a raised casting deck so I was ahead of the game. My only real dilemnas were setting up a tow package and mounting electronics. I used to tow my 12 footer on a jet ski trailer which I still use today. I simply changed the wood side frames and extended them to a full ten feet. Next, I built a box by capping the ends and adding support beams. Finally, I put some marine-quality plywood on top and laquered it up and covered it with outdoor carpet. The final product was similiar to a common flatbed type trailer. Now I didn’t have to worry about the hulls getting damaged. I added a large eye to the bow so I could winch the boat on to the trailer with ease. I added several strong eye bolts to the frame to serve as tie downs.

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How to Avoid Lightning — Get a Faster Boat

| Marine Blog | July 7, 2011

With an outlandish average of 1.4 million cloud-to-ground lightning strikes each year, no state in the country experiences more lightning strikes than Florida. Lightning is extremely powerful and dangerous and can travel up to ten miles from the thunderstorm. Just because it’s not raining or because there are no clouds directly overhead, it doesn’t mean that you are secure. Lightning can still reach you. The key to remaining safe from a lightning strike is to keep an eye to the sky and watch for darkening skies on the horizon along with distant rumbles of thunder.

The vast majority of lightning injuries and deaths on boats occur on small boats with NO cabin. It is crucial to listen to the weather when you are boating. If thunderstorms are forecast, don’t go out. If you are out on the water and skies are threatening, get back to land and find a safe building or safe vehicle.

Boats with cabins offer a safer, but not perfect, environment. Safety is increased further if the boat has a properly installed lightning protection system. If you are inside the cabin, stay away from metal and all electrical components. Even your radio is a possible hazard.

If you are caught in a thunderstorm on a small boat, drop anchor and get as low as possible.   Large boats with cabins, especially those with lightning protection systems properly installed, or metal marine vessels, are relatively safe. Remember to stay inside the cabin and away from any metal surfaces. Be sure to put on your Life Jacket.  Either that, or get a boat so fast lightning can’t catch you.

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How to Buy A Boat: Educated Decision-Making

| Marine Blog | July 4, 2011

  1. Search the different types of boats available. There are many websites that offer boats for sale.  They also offer different categories of boats, so that you can pinpoint exactly which type will suit your needs. For instance, buymarine.com is one such site. Here, you will find fishing boats, family cruisers, day boats, sailboats, and yachts. Remember the old rule about boats: “It’s a hole in the water into which you pour money.” Even a small boat will require maintenance, insurance, replacement parts, winterizing, etc. A small runabout boat can cost over $40 per hour just to run about, with gas prices high and likely to stay that way! If you’re not planning on using your boat for sports like skiing, and speed is not an issue, consider looking at boats with small diesel motors. They go slowly, but inexpensively.
  2. Educate yourself on the value of your purchase. It can be  helpful to learn the value of your boat, because it gives the buyer the upper hand in the deal.
  3. When negotiating the price of a boat, expect to pay 10% less than the asking price. This 10% difference is what is expected by most brokers and dealers.
  4. Upon striking a mutual deal on the price for a boat, expect to be required to give a 10% deposit to continue the deal. After a deposit and purchase and sales agreement has been executed, the buyer has right to an inspection, survey, and sea trial. It is recommended that the buyer finds the surveyor and pays for his/her interest to be protected.
  5. If all checks out on the boat and you are ready to move toward the closing, request copies of the documentation for the boats and hire a company to do a “clear title search.” This ensures that you are receiving clear documentation on the boat. Note: if the seller’s boat is financed, it may be necessary to make any closing check payable to the financing institution instead of the seller. If all documentation is free and clear of liens, proceed with the purchase.
  6. Good luck, and congratulations on your new boat!

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